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Country: Switzerland

Basic service covers: · Street address · weekly mail forwarding - one personal and one company name accepted.

Basic cost: US$ 790/yr. which includes US$20 in postage deposit, plus a US$195 one time set-up fee.

Get mail in your personal and your company's name to your own unique Swiss address in Zurich, Geneva, Zug, Bern or Lugano.

Address example:

Your Company and/or Personal Name
Sample Street 1
CH-1234 Swiss Town

Phone & fax number add $200 per annum [plus a $150 set-up fee.]
For E-mail forwarding · Fax & Voice number · add US$150 per annum

Minimum deposit: (included)

Onetime set-up fee: US$ 100

Actual postage incurred is always extra and will be withheld from deposit. In addition Swiss provider requires a brief description of your business activities, your web url, if any, and the type of mails you expect to receive in order to authorize service for you.

Additional Comments: Our basic Swiss service is OUR best seller. For $790 per year it can't be beat. Our full service option is just US$200 [plus a $50 set up fee], which includes a Zurich voice, fax and email forwarding. Banking facilities available, plus other privacy products for registered clients.

Application Form: (Please Print Clearly)

  1. (Select Country) ____________________________

  2. Name to accept mail in: _____________________

  3. Code word or Number for future instructions

  4. _____________________________________

  5. Name to forward mail to you: (Please note. One personal name & one Company name is acceptable in most cases. See each country as we may be able to arrange mail in unlimited names).

  6. _________________________________________________________________

  7. Address: _________________________________

  8. City & Postal Code: ________________________

  9. Country: _________________________________

  10. Special Instructions: ___________________________________________

  11. ___________________________________________

  12. Payment Method:

Tick below for your preferred method of remittance: Once we receive your completed order form we'll email you the Western Union, Liberty Reserve or Bank Wire remittance details. Thank you.

[ ] Western Union [ ] MoneyGram [ ] Bank Wire or [ ] Liberty Reserve

[ ] Credit Card -

Type of Credit Card [ ] Visa [ ] MasterCard [ ] American Express [ ] Diner Club

Name as it appears on credit card :


Billing address: _____________________________


Credit Card Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

CCV 3 or 4 digit number on credit card _ _ _ _

Expiration date _ _ / _ _ _ _

Charge my credit card (don't forget postage deposit plus 5% for CC surcharge)

US$ ______________________________________

Signature: __________________________________

Please INCLUDE your e-mail address or fax number in case we need to contact you regarding this order. Thank you


Email application to: [email protected]

For fastest payment Method ask about our Western Union or MoneyGram Program.